The Health Action Lobby (HEAL), a coalition of more than 30 national health and consumer groups, is writing to express our support for an immediate action plan framed by shared, common objectives and clear priorities to address the sustainability of our health system, and supported by new, long-term fiscal commitments.

“We, as a coalition representing health care providers, managers and consumers, are encouraged by the two proposals that were tabled two weeks ago in preparation for the First Ministers meeting occurring today. Both have recognized the need for committed, predictable and sustained funding for the health system, along with targeted funding to support the system’s development. While HEAL welcomes the establishment of targeted funding for key areas within the health system, we feel to do so without committing resources to the existing priorities is a serious omission,” states Pamela Fralick, HEAL co-chair.

Sustainability means new investments. It doesn’t mean simply restoring the funds cut from previous budgets. It means addressing critical challenges facing our health system, including:

  • Critical shortages in health human resources
  • Acting on primary health care reform and specialty care.
  • Integration of the continuum of care, to address gaps in coverage for home and community health services.
  • The need for the promotion of wellness and for disease and illness prevention programs.
  • Capital investments, upgrades and maintenance of needed medical and diagnostic equipment and health care technology and infrastructure.
  • Waiting lists for needed health services across acute care, home care, and community care, long-term care.

“Finally, to truly have sustainability, there must also be accountability. We need an appropriate accountability framework and mechanisms to ensure accountability to Canadians for our health system. We look forward to the First Ministers providing the leadership to see that this happens,” notes Gaston Levac HEAL co-chair.

Canadians deserve timely access to quality health services. HEAL’s 33 national member Associations and their provincial and territorial affiliates are committed to working with the First Ministers, in the interest of the health care needs of all Canadians, to identify and implement appropriate solutions so that the health care system is there when and where Canadians need it.

HEAL was formed in 1991 by a group of associations and organizations dedicated to protecting and strengthening Canada’s health system. HEAL is a coalition of national organizations dedicated to protecting and strengthening Canada's health system. Its 33 member organizations represent more than half a million providers and consumers of health care.

For more information, contact the co-chairs at their organizations:

Pamela C. Fralick
Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Physiotherapy Association
(416) 932-1888, ext. 14
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Gaston Levac
Canadian College of Health Service Executives
(613) 235-7218 ext 24
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