The Health Action Lobby (HEAL) today called on all political parties to focus on the health system during the federal election campaign. HEAL is a coalition of 35 national health organizations that represents a broad cross-section of health providers, health regions, institutions & facilities.

As identified in recent public opinion polls, the health system remains top-of-mind for Canadians, eclipsing the economy – however, the political parties have not yet entered into a substantial debate about its future.

“As the most important public policy issue on the minds of Canadians, we look forward to each political party clearly articulating their views on the role of the federal government when it comes to the future of health and health care in Canada”, said Mr. Glenn Brimacombe, co-Chair of HEAL, and President & CEO of the Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations.

“Canadians are looking for leadership, and there are a number of important roles that the federal government can play in promoting the health of Canadians”, said Dr. Karen Cohen, co-Chair of HEAL, and Executive Director of the Canadian Psychological Association.

The importance for the current election campaign to be focused on the health system cannot be understated. With the expiration of the 2004 Health Accord in 2014, the next federal government will have responsibility for negotiating a national plan for health care beyond 2014. Discussion and debate is required now in order for Canadians to understand the respective parties’ vision for health care into the future, and make an informed decision.

HEAL looks forward to working with the federal government to addressing the health and health care needs of Canadians.

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