Learn the Repercussions of Alcoholism for You & Your Kith

Binge drinking is rising at an alarming rate. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a large number of teens, adults, elderly seniors are affected due to alcohol abuse. Needless to mention, the number has almost doubled in a decade.  Being a professional alcohol rehab center, we are aware of the consequences each patient face due to alcoholism.

It is to be understood that people who fall victim to this habit are of 2 categories:

  1. The ones who are aware of their habits
  2. The ones who have lost their cognitive sense

If you fall under the first category, it’s time for self-help. However, if you know someone who belongs to the second segment, it’s time to help! In both cases, you must know how alcohol can affect one’s life and risks for extensive damage.

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Starting with the Short-Term Effects

Our alcohol rehab center has dealt alcoholic patients with short-term effects. People who are not indulged into regular drinking can be barbed with these effects as alcohol affects individuals differently.

  • Physiological

Intoxication for a brief foray can render skin flushing and severe vomiting. People also experience high body temperature with increased blood pressure. Blurriness is also a common outcome in such a situation. These adverse physiological effects may last for a week.

  • Mental

People usually experience a large mental setback during this phase. From losing the power of perception to dealing with mood swings, effects on mental health are quite extensive. Loss of judgmental skills and coordination are also common.

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Long-Term Effects

Heavy drinking for a prolonged period can affect the human body in-and-out. And the problems start until later in life. Some of the major ones are described below:

  • Physical

Heart: Excessive drinking can take a high toll on one’s heart. Alcohol acts a deterring factor on transferring of nutrients and oxygen to the heart. This is due to a heavy accumulation of triglycerides in the blood. Moreover, patients also experience irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, sagging of the cardiovascular muscles, etc. Needless to say, if not treated within time, a cardiac arrest is inevitable.

Pancreas: Consuming alcohol for many years, make the blood vessels of the pancreas swells leading to acute inflammation. This is a pathological condition and is commonly known as pancreatitis. The disorder is not reversible and may lead to pancreatic cancer reducing the chance of survival.

Liver: Liver problems are the most common. Doctors of our alcohol rehab center have diagnosed the maximum patients with minor to severe liver disorders. Due to heavy consumption of alcohol, the liver tends to give up on the metabolism. Fatty liver related to obesity is a major condition that patients go through. Other clinical conditions are fibrosis, alcoholic hepatitis, etc. are noticed. Each of these diseases is treatable if diagnosed in a proper way.

Central Nervous System: The parts and path of the central nervous system also get badly damaged. The chemical properties of alcohol interfere both brain functions and structure. Areas like cerebellum, cerebral cortex, and limbic system get highly affected due to which patients lose their overall cognitive skills.


  • Psychological

Induced Psychiatric Syndrome: Playing the role of a depressant, alcohol is responsible for rendering sedative effects on the human that may last long. This is one of the reasons why alcohol triggers an induced psychiatric syndrome. If not treated at an earlier stage, the consequences can be hard-hitting.

Mental Disorders: Patients also encounter several clinical conditions stemmed from major depression. Bipolar disease, anxiety attacks, schizophrenia, etc. are common.

Loss of Consciousness: From impaired vision to slow reaction time, individuals indulge in alcoholism eventually lose their consciousness. Treating these patients become hard for they remain unconscious for the maximum time.

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Put a Full Stop Now

Even after a rock-solid resolve, if you are able to quit drinking, don’t get demoralized. You need a treatment that is beyond the administration of medicines. Things may not go well with your acquaintances too, so offer them help.

Contact our alcohol rehab center any time to quit the habit and restore the normal life! Our representatives are always there to serve you!

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