Is Lemon Water the Secret Portion to Weight Loss?

Whether it is a nutritionist Toronto or Instagram fitness experts, everyone seems to have one motto they live by – drinking lemon water in the morning is the secret to weight loss.

However, you might feel skeptical about the statement. There are tons of exercise routines, low-fat food, and other supplements that guarantee weight loss. All of these are either costly or require extensive hard work. So, how can something as simple as lime water be the magic potion to cutting back pounds?

Well, truth be told, lemon water does have medicinal properties that help lose weight. In fact, to get rid of your skepticism, this blog will discuss in brief exactly why lemon water constitutes a slimmer torso and body.

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  1. Calories are Low

What your nutritionist Toronto probably wants you to understand is weight gain occurs when you consume excess calories. This means, say you’re eating a salad for lunch then chances of gaining pounds is less compared to when you gorge on a hamburger.

This applies for beverages too. So, you’re cutting back on food but you consume sweetened drinks, this leads to accumulation of calories that result in weight gain. On this note, when you consume lime water you’re at an advantage.

Lemon water is very low in calories, not to mention excessively refreshing. Thus, say you’re substituting it with orange juice or soda; you’re cutting back approximately 100-200 calories.

  1. Metabolism Booster

Another veritable reason your nutritionist Toronto suggested you consume lemon water is that it does boost metabolism. A body with a slow metabolic rate does not easily burn fat. However, if you hit the gym and consume lime water on a regular basis, you’ll stay hydrated while contribute to faster weight loss.

Pro tip- Opt for consuming lemon water in the morning as around dawn, the body’s metabolic activities is likely at its peak. What’s more? Lime water in the morning also helps jump-start the body’s organs thus, cresting metabolism.

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  1. Hydration all the Way

Lethargy can contribute to sluggishness, and even induce sugar cravings which contribute to weight loss. Further, lethargy may make one unwilling to hit the gym and promote an improper lifestyle. This is why it is important to combat lethargy by staying hydrated at all times.

Thus, as per your nutritionist Toronto is it best to drink lemon water. Lemon with the goodness of citric acid boosts energy, rehydrates body and skin, and rejuvenates the muscles to promote metabolism. Additionally, with bolstering hydration, toxins of the body are flushed out properly thus contributing to weight loss.

  1. Fuller than Normal

Last but not the least another perk of lemon water as per nutritionist Toronto and elsewhere are it keeps one full. Staying full is necessary to combat cravings and reduce the intake of unnecessary calories. Lemon water, thus after a meal not only helps in easy digestion but experts state that it keeps one full and satiated to prevent gorging on snacks and sweets.

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All in all, now that you have written proof on the many perks of consuming lemon water, imbibe this easy trick today and lose weight the smart way.