Different Types of Drug Detox Services

There are several types of drug detox services available. These types of detoxes are medically managed inpatient, outpatient, and cold turkey. Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some common ones:

drug detox services

Medication-assisted detox

Medication-assisted detox services help patients withdraw from a substance gradually without suffering the uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms are particularly dangerous for those who have abused chemical substances for a long time. Some medications can help with the discomfort and decrease relapse rates, while others can make detoxification easier and safer. The following are some of the benefits of medication-assisted detox. Read on to learn more.

Drugs used during medically-assisted alcohol detoxification include barbiturates, baclofen, and sodium oxybate. In some cases, prescription stimulants like Provigil can also be prescribed to help individuals deal with extreme sleepiness and lethargy. Stimulants elevate mood, awareness, and alertness. However, they can be highly addictive, which is why they are typically used only during inpatient detoxification.

Outpatient detox

Outpatient drug detox services are a great option for people who cannot commit to a full hospital stay. These programs provide medical oversight and supportdetox services while allowing the patient to withdraw from drugs and alcohol at home. Here’s an explanation of outpatient detox services. You can choose to participate in a program for as long or as little as three days per week. The duration of your treatment will depend on your situation. Typically, an outpatient program will last one to three months. However, you can opt for a longer program if you feel that you need a higher level of supervision.

Outpatient programs offer more flexibility than standard day programs. They offer similar treatment offerings but offer more flexible hours. Intensive outpatient programs are a step-down from a more intensive inpatient treatment environment. Generally, outpatient programs offer treatments three to four days per week during the day or evening. You can also get limited medical assistance and prescription refills through these programs. These programs are available for people with a history of substance abuse and/or addiction.

Medically supervised detox

There are many benefits of medically supervised drug detox services from Brampton detox centre. These services are delivered in regular sessions and follow a series of policies, procedures, and medical protocols. These services are designed to treat clinical severity, achieve a safe withdrawal from mood-altering drugs, and encourage ongoing treatment. Here are some of the main advantages of this type of care. They are also better for the client, as they are more likely to stay sober and have a smooth transition back into society.

When drug abusers go through a medically supervised drug detox, the chances of recovery are much higher. The treatment therapist can assess the patient’s mental state and develop a personalized treatment plan, if one is needed. The patient will be able to recover more quickly if medically supervised treatment is given prior to entering inpatient rehab. For some, this type of treatment can even improve the effectiveness of a later inpatient rehab.

Cold turkey detox

Cold turkey drug detox services are a viable alternative to supervised home detox. The discomfort of withdrawal from alcohol, heroin, or other drugs is often underestimated by those trying to quit cold turkey. Without 24/7 medical care, loved ones may not be able to provide the same level of support. Additionally, cold turkey drug detox can lead to relapse or full recurrence of substance abuse. Some substances can produce potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines.

The process of cold turkey drug withdrawal has no time limit, and symptoms may persist for weeks or even months. Withdrawal symptoms often return without warning. Thankfully, drug detox services can reduce withdrawal symptoms and ease the transition. The process of drug detox is not for the faint of heart! To reduce the risk of relapse, drug detox services can help with everything from medication to psychological and emotional support. While cold turkey drug detox can help you quit, it is still not recommended as a long-term solution.