Press Release Tuesday, 06 September 2016 13:58

HEAL Offers Solutions for Health Accord: HEAL has issued a policy roadmap for health reforms: "The Canadian Way", which recommends targeted funding including...

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Press Release / communiqué de presse Thursday, 21 July 2016 00:00

Meeting of the Premiers: Chance to discuss Canada's healthcare future / Rencontre des premiers ministres : Occasion de discuter de l’avenir des soins de santé au Canada

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Coordination of Syrian Refugee Care Tuesday, 15 December 2015 16:32

Our members are mobilizing in response to the arrival of Syrian refugees to our country.

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Formed in 1991, HEAL - the Organizations for Health Action (formerly known as the Health Action Lobby) - is a coalition of 41 national health organizations that represents a broad cross-section of health providers, health regions, institutions and facilities. HEAL represents more than half-a-million providers and consumers of health care.

HEAL was created out of concern over the erosion of the federal government’s role in supporting a national health system. Through its history, HEAL has met with representatives of the federal government, presented Briefs to Standing Committees, and released background a series of policy papers covering a range of health policy issues, including: the role of the federal government in funding health care; health human resources; entry-to-practice issues; and the Canada Health Act.

Today, the thirteen premiers of Canada convene in Whitehorse for the meeting of the Council of the Federations. HEAL, which is a national coalition of 41 national health organizations, sent a letter to the premiers urging them to treat healthcare as a priority issue on their agenda. HEAL also sent a copy of their collaborative paper entitled The Canadian Way, which is a consensus on healthcare policy that has been reached by their 41 members on the direction in which healthcare policy needs to take in Canada.

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Aujourd’hui, les treize premiers ministres du Canada se rencontrent à Whitehorse (Yukon) pour la rencontre du Conseil de la Fédération. Le groupe d’intervention action santé (GIAS), coalition canadienne composée de 41 organismes de la santé, a fait parvenir une lettre aux premiers ministres pour leur demander de prioriser les soins de santé. Le GIAS a aussi envoyé une copie de leur déclaration Le modèle canadien : Accélérer l’innovation et améliorer le rendement du système de santé.

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"Health ministers should take note. The Canadian Way signifies an unparalleled level of consensus among the health professions."

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